The Struggle To Deal With Cockroaches In Lake Worth SERVING SOUTH FLORIDA SINCE 1999
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The Struggle To Deal With Cockroaches In Lake Worth

When you think of Florida, you think of sunshine and beaches, don't you? While sunshine and beaches are a significant feature of the Sunshine State, residents in Lake Worth know about the other feature that no one likes to speak of– cockroaches.

Lake Worth is known for its clear beaches, historic buildings, and unique mix of art galleries, restaurants, antique shops, and special events. However, what many didn’t count on is its attraction for cockroaches.

Unfortunately, cockroaches are the most resilient of all insects, making them extremely hard to eliminate. These creatures can withstand a wide range of temperatures and humidity and will eat anything. They are also challenging to treat because they hide in difficult-to-reach cracks and crevices. Cockroaches are actually so resilient that they can withstand the radiation from a nuclear explosion. Call our local pest control as soon as you discover these highly invasive pests in your home.

If you see cockroaches daily or weekly, there is a good chance that they are breeding within your walls. American and German are the most common types of cockroaches in the Lake Worth area.

You need specialized knowledge, tools, and products to treat cockroaches inside your home after they have established a home there. Call the best pest control in Lake Worth, Above and Beyond Pest Control, if you want to eliminate cockroaches permanently.

Typical Cockroach Entry Points For Homes In Lake Worth

There is a widespread misconception that cockroaches only infest filthy or neglected homes. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America,  cockroaches inhabit 63% of homes in the United States. With so many infestations, another explanation must exist. Here are a few common entry points cockroaches use to get inside your home:

  • Drains: Drains are one of the most common and worst entry points that cockroaches use to access your home. E. coli has even been discovered in drains where cockroaches are. That means a cockroach can enter your house through the filthiest drain and then scurry across countertops and your bed!
  • Gaps around door frames: Over time, your home will shift, causing door frames to develop cracks. This action may create a space large enough for roaches to enter your home. Also, remember to inspect the area around your garage doors. Getting rid of cockroaches in your garage is nearly as difficult as in your home.
  • Utility entry points: Also, you should look over the areas where pipes and cables enter your home. Check your home's gas, electricity, cable, and other utility lines entering your home as well. Ensure that there are no openings around those entry points that could allow roaches to enter your home.
  • Gaps around window frames: As your home shifts, it could result in gaps around your window frames that you are unaware of. You should seal these as soon as you discover them because they will allow additional roaches into your home and increase your heating costs.
  • Door cracks: Cockroaches can flatten themselves to approximately half their height to fit under doors or through cracks. There is no doubt that they are versatile pests. Therefore, it makes navigating your home a breeze.
  • Cracks in foundations: Cracks in your home's foundation will allow roaches to enter. You should thoroughly inspect the foundation for cockroach entry points as part of your routine inspections. 
  • Visitors: If you are wondering, "Why do I have cockroaches in my home?" Your friends might be the answer. Cockroaches can hitchhike on your friend's clothing and even in the bags they carry. Suppose a friend brings a bag to your home and places it on the floor as they enter. The roach will exit the bag and search for food and water throughout your home.

If you notice these entry points, they are ideal locations for placing roach bait stations until professional pest control services can eradicate the problem. It isn't enough to recognize the entry points; you'll also need to fix them. It is the most effective method for preventing a cockroach infestation in your home. However, you must first eliminate the existing cockroach population.

Above and Beyond Pest Control has extensive experience dealing with cockroaches and works to protect you from the known dangers and diseases associated with these pests. To start cockroach control services, contact Above and Beyond Pest Control immediately.

What Is Attracting Cockroaches To My House?

Any property that offers cockroaches their basic needs of food, water, and a place to live attracts them. If cockroaches can live in an area that meets these criteria, they will probably stay there (and invite their friends) unless you do something to remove them properly. Here are the main things that you might be doing that attract cockroaches without even realizing it:

  • Moisture: Cockroaches prefer moist conditions. These pests are incredibly attracted to and breed in damp areas of your home. To keep these pests out of your home, fix leaks under sinks, pipes, faucets, and broken gutters. To prevent moisture buildup, consider opening the windows and doors, turning on the exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen, and allowing moisture to escape. In humid areas, installing dehumidifiers can also be helpful.
  • Food sources: Cockroaches look for locations with an abundance of food. The most typical food sources are pet food, spilled food, crumbs and spills, and leftover food. They're drawn to kitchen waste and grease on countertops and stovetops and may also access stored food. Cockroaches also like decomposing organic matter, exposed trash or recycling, pet litter boxes, or soiled diapers.
  • Ideal hideouts: Generally speaking, cockroaches prefer places that are damp, dark, and concealable. They frequently hide in attic vents, behind electronics, closets, under cabinets and sinks, and beneath appliances. Storage sheds, yard debris, thick vegetation, and garage storage units are examples of outdoor hiding places.

Even one cockroach inside the home may be a sign of an infestation that needs treatment. Contact Above and Beyond Pest Control to assess the infestation and decide the best action if cockroaches remain in the home after maintaining good housekeeping.

Are There Any Home Remedies To Deter Cockroaches?

Unfortunately, many home remedies for roaches do not work as well as advertised online. Some of them are outright lies. On the other hand, they frequently have a scientific foundation. Some of them can assist you in getting rid of cockroaches in your home or, at the very least, reduce their population when used appropriately and in the appropriate circumstances:

  • Diatomaceous earth (DE): DE is a highly effective all-natural insecticide with sharp and dehydrating particles. DE's particles consist of fossilized, ground-up algae, and cockroaches that come into contact with it suffer exoskeleton damage and die from dehydration.
  • Borax: Borax is a laundry product that cleans clothes and kills cockroaches. Combine borax and white table sugar in equal parts for the best results. In areas where you've noticed roach activity, sprinkle the mixture. The borax mixture will quickly dehydrate and kill the roaches when they consume it.
  • Boric acid: Boric acid is a substance that occurs naturally. It appears in fruits and plants as a mixture of water and boron. Cockroaches quickly die when they come into contact with boric acid because it adheres to their legs and wings and affects their nervous and digestive systems.
  • Essential oils: An excellent natural roach repellent is essential oils. Buy peppermint or lemongrass essential oils and combine them with water for the best results. Anywhere that you've seen roaches spray the mixture.

The best way to get rid of cockroach issues in your Lake Worth home is to work with an experienced professional, even though these natural remedies aid in lowering cockroach populations. Above and Beyond Pest Control provides affordable residential pest control services to get rid of cockroaches and other common Florida pests. We have a complete dedication to our customers' needs for pest control. Give Above and Beyond Pest Control a call.

What Is There To Do To Get Rid Of The Cockroaches All Over My Home?

Roaches seldom operate alone. A larger population may be nearby if you notice them scurrying around your yard or find more than one visitor inside. If you deal with the population first, fewer pests will attempt to enter your home. It varies from species to species where they live, what environments they thrive in, and how quickly they reproduce

Unless you’re a pest professional, you’re likely not going to know any of that information (or care about it, to say the least). However, Above and Beyond Pest Control does care.

We have served the Lake Worth area since 1999 and are committed to providing all customers with a cockroach-free environment through customized solutions to meet your needs. Our free inspections, advanced treatment procedures, and corrective and preventive treatment options guarantee your satisfaction. Call Above and Beyond Pest Control to get your cockroach control services started today.



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