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Reliable Residential & Commercial Pest Solutions In Jupiter, FL

Life sure is wonderful in Jupiter, FL. We have amazing residents, bustling businesses, and warm weather all year long. However, the humidity we have here in Jupiter means our local homes and businesses face pest infestations all year long, too. To counter this, if you are a home or business owner, you need reliable pest solutions to keep your property safe.

At Above and Beyond Pest Control, we have both residential and commercial pest services designed to eliminate current pests and prevent futures infestations from occurring. For total pest control for your home or business, there’s no one better than Above and Beyond Pest Control.

Home Pest Control In Jupiter, FL

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When you call Above and Beyond, we won’t just throw out a quote before we even see your property. We begin with a free inspection so that both you and we know your property’s exact pest situation before we discuss a quote.

The inspection covers the interior and exterior of your home during which we look for signs of life, moisture issues, and other conducive conditions. Treatments vary based on your current pest situation. They can include a full perimeter spray to create a pest barrier around your property.

Additionally, bait stations, traps, and crack/crevice treatments can help to eliminate and prevent interior pests. Based on your needs and budget, we will return to your home on a monthly or bi-monthly basis so that it remains pest-free all year long. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection and get started with our home pest control service in Jupiter.

Commercial Pest Control In Jupiter, FL

Pests pose a number of problems for businesses, including damaging inventory and driving away customers. To keep pests from hurting your bottom line, you need commercial pest control from Above and Beyond Pest Control. We begin by speaking with you about what you’ve been experiencing and any other regulations that pertain to your industry.

We will then inspect your property to look for any entry points, harborage zones, or other conducive conditions. Treatments may include a perimeter spray around your entire property, including windows, doors, cracks, bushes, and shrubs. We may also use glue traps, bait stations, and rodent bait boxes. To ensure your business remains pest-free, we return to your property once a month to re-treat it. To learn more about our commercial pest services, contact Above and Beyond Pest Control today.

Jupiter Homeowners Guide To Termite Control

Termites are small ant-like insects that feed on cellulose found in wood. As such, when they get into homes, they can cause considerable amounts of damage. To keep your home safe from these destructive pests, you need to know some helpful termite prevention techniques. These include:

  • Remove or replace decaying or water-damaged wood.
  • Use dehumidifiers in areas with poor ventilation.
  • Fill in cracks in your foundation.
  • Limit wood-to-soil contact around your home.
  • Store firewood away from your home’s exterior.

If you are currently dealing with a termite infestation, don’t delay, contact the professionals here at Above and Beyond Pest Control. The longer you wait, the more damage termites can cause. Contact us today to learn more about our termite control solutions.

How Do I Get Rid Of These Ants In My Jupiter Home?

Ants present a number of issues for homeowners. Not only are they hard to get rid of, but they can also spread disease-causing bacteria and damage property. To keep ants out of your home, you need to practice these ant prevention techniques:

  • Store food in airtight containers or the fridge.
  • Keep countertops and floors clean.
  • Take out the trash regularly to prevent it from overflowing.
  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors.
  • Fill in cracks in the foundation.

If you are currently dealing with an ant infestation, contact the professionals here at Above and Beyond Pest Control right away for assistance. Our certified pest technicians come fully equipped to effectively eliminate any infestation you may be dealing with. Contact us today to learn more about our ant control services.

Weed Control Solutions For Your Jupiter Yard

Your yard is a valuable part of your property and is a living entity in its own right. Your yard not only influences the value of your home, but it is also your first line of defense against pest problems. Sometimes, weeds appear as a standard part of having a yard. But rather than try to treat them yourself, you should seek professional weed control in Jupiter from Above and Beyond Pest Control. Our team brings decades of experience and proper training to each home that we treat. We also use top-shelf products that are safe for everyone in your home.

Our weed control service begins with a comprehensive property inspection. This allows our technicians to understand where weeds are developing and what might be responsible for their appearance. Once we’ve determined the type of weeds that have developed, we’ll tailor a treatment program that combines some highly effective methods. Some of the services that we typically employ include mechanical removal and spray treatments. In the instance of mechanical removal, we are looking to actively remove and kill an invasive weed, whereas a spray treatment is for a more localized approach. For more information on weed control in Jupiter, please call us today. 

Can Bed Bugs In Jupiter Carry Diseases?

Bed bugs are small parasites that transfer from one property to Jupiter to another by hitchhiking. This means that they find a host to latch onto and get taken for a free ride. They can be a particular issue in places like hotels, medical facilities, or office buildings where they have easy access to people. While bed bugs are known to feed off of people while they’re sleeping, they are not known to carry any particular diseases. That said, residents should still be aware of the threat that they pose all the same.

Bed bugs come out at night while residents are sleeping. They then proceed to feed for approximately five to ten minutes at a time. This can leave people with groupings of small red bites that are usually very itchy. While this is usually the extent of bed bugs’ risk, some people may experience more intense reactions to their bites. Additionally, due to the itchy nature of bites, they can cause excessive scratching and thus, skin infections.

Some people also experience an increase in asthma attacks and allergic reactions that come from the skin that bed bugs shed, their fecal matter, and their eggshells. For more information on Jupiter bed bug control, call Above and Beyond Pest Control today.

Why Rodents In Jupiter Can Be Dangerous

Though mice might look like a child’s pet, along with other types of rodents, they can actually be quite dangerous for you. Rodents are a very common host of parasitic pests like fleas and ticks. They can bring these pests directly to your property and either spread them around your property or bring them directly inside. Having an outbreak of fleas or ticks could be detrimental to your health as well as the health of any pets that you have. Parasites are known for their bites, which if prolonged, can be the source of transmitting Lyme disease, cat-scratch fever, flea-borne typhus, tularemia, tapeworm, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Rodents themselves are also linked with a variety of health risks such as hantavirus, salmonellosis, and leptospirosis. They usually spread the pathogens that lead to these illnesses through their droppings, saliva, and urine.

Another way in which rodents pose a threat is due to the property damage that they can cause. Rodents all have front incisor teeth that will overgrow if they don’t chew on things constantly. This may lead to holes around your home, ruined insulation, and frayed electrical wires, which, in the worst case, can lead to house fires. For more information on rodent control in Jupiter, call Above and Beyond Pest Control today.

Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Backyard In Jupiter!

If you’re looking to keep pesky mosquitoes out of your yard, here are a few helpful hints:

  • Be cognizant of water sources. Mosquitoes are primarily lured to standing or stagnant water, which is where they lay their eggs. It’s important to turn over water in bird baths while also not allowing water to collect and sit in buckets. 
  • Look outside. If mosquitoes don’t have access to water, they will look for the next best option, moist and secluded areas. Try to clear away any leaf piles and other yard debris while also trimming back all harborage sites that may serve as hiding areas. 
  • Try planting. There are certain plants that contain natural properties that may reduce mosquito populations. Those include lavender, citronella, and thyme.
  • Make yourself unappealing. Mosquitoes need human blood in order to reproduce, so it’s crucial that you alter certain traits about yourself when possible. This includes using unscented personal hygiene products, applying an EPA-approved topical deterrent, limiting your alcohol consumption, and trying not to sweat. 
  • Bring in the pros. The most effective way to keep seasonal mosquitoes away is with professional mosquito treatments in Jupiter from a trained professional. 

For more information on reliable mosquito control, call Above and Beyond Pest Control today.  

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