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Rodent Control In West Palm Beach, FL

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Rodent Control From Above & Beyond Pest Control

South Florida is home to some of the most diverse rodent populations in North America. Today, rats and mice are the most common home invaders of any pest species in the Sunshine State. While they are not always easy to spot at first, you can identify rodents by their scaly tails, thick fur, and large teeth.

There are many reasons why rodents could have gained access to your South Florida property. Small cracks in the walls, gaps around windows and doors, or even small holes may allow certain species inside. If your house has any form of accessible food, water, or shelter, you may be a prime target for rodents at any time of the year.

Although most rodents do not measure more than 12 inches long, these pests can inflict serious damage on people, pets, and properties. Rodents will bite or scratch humans when threatened, requiring immediate medical assistance. Rats and mice can also spread pathogens through food, waste, or carrion left behind. Some pathogens, such as hantavirus, are spreadable from a vector to a host through water droplets in the air.0-200 eggs per female. Home remedies will not be able to control a mosquito population of that size.

Our Rodent Control Solutions

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Rats and mice are not pests that should be left alone in a South Florida home. That’s why the team at Above & Beyond Pest Control has been offering rodent control packages for 30 years and counting.

When it comes to South Florida rodent control, both prevention and treatment should be applied to successfully eliminate infestations. Our team will visit with you to determine the extent of the problem and look for any issues that could worsen the infestation.

We recommend using some of our vetted rodent prevention tips to mitigate future activity, as well as reduce access to food and water. Without any way to eat, drink, or transport their young, rodents will be more likely to avoid your property in the future.

Once we have thoroughly inspected the area, our team will begin applying traps, baits, and other products to your property. We will remove nests and their materials from your home, as well as any deceased rodents around the property. This protocol is for your protection and safety as the work concludes.

We base our treatment pricing on a number of factors present on your property. Call Above & Beyond Pest Control to receive a free quote for our rodent control services.

Total Relief From Rodents In South Florida

The proper control of rodents around your South Florida home is essential to maintaining a safe environment. Above & Beyond Pest Control understands the burdens of managing a property alone and is equipped with the necessary tools to keep your home rodent-free for years on end. To inquire about our rodent control programs or schedule an initial rodent inspection, call our nearest branch today.

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Professional Rodent Exclusion

If rodents have already become a problem within your home, professional exclusion is the best strategy to mitigate the risk they pose to your property and family. Professional exclusion services focus not only on removing existing rodent populations completely but also on preventing these vulnerable areas of your home from coming under rodent infestation in the future. One of the primary challenges with rodents is that failing to eliminate the entire infestation at once simply allows it to re-establish itself over a few weeks; professional exclusion services get rid of rodents for good. 

Professional rodent exclusion involves a thorough inspection of your home and property to identify the entry points they could be using and the conducive conditions that could be attracting them to the property. By removing these elements from your property, we help ensure rodent problems never rear their heads around your property again. Contact us today for more details about our rodent exclusion services!

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