What Every West Palm Beach Resident Should Know About House Spiders

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While some people have a fear of heights and others are afraid of enclosed spaces, one of the most common phobias is the fear of spiders. And, even people who aren’t terrified of spiders can still find them unsettling to encounter. Because of these deep-rooted fears, most Lake Worth, Florida residents dread seeing spiders in their homes, but the truth is that most spiders aren’t as dangerous as people fear.

Most spiders that get inside area homes aren’t able to hurt people or pets. In fact, there are only two spiders in the entire country that are considered medically significant to humans.

However, this doesn’t mean that spiders can’t bite. All spiders have fangs and venom that they use to hunt down their prey, and spider bites can hurt and lead to minor symptoms like swelling or redness. However, the vast majority of house spiders don’t have potent enough venom to lead to any serious issues.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to keep spiders away from your home, as even the nuisance species are still unwelcome houseguests.

Where Do House Spiders Hide?

While there is a conception that spiders are often aggressive and want to attack people, this isn’t really the case. Most spider species want to stay out of the way of humans and are rather shy in behavior.

They usually hide in out-of-sight areas and prefer dark, damp places with clutter that gives them cover. When outdoors, many species will hide under rocks, leaf litter, and fallen trees. Also, many spiders like to live in woodpiles.

Once indoors, common spider hiding places include the back of closets, bathtubs, cluttered basements or garages, and cellars.

If you have started seeing more spiders around your property than usual, this likely means that the spiders have been there already for a while. They have just now outgrown their habitat, or the infestation has grown to the point that they are more visible. It’s also worth noting that the main reason spiders come indoors is in pursuit of their prey.

Five Spider Prevention Measures

Because spiders usually get inside while hunting their insect prey, the overall best way to prevent spiders is to focus on keeping their prey out.

These five steps are effective ways to deter spiders from ever becoming a problem around your home or business:

  1. Make it more difficult for both spiders and their prey to get inside by repairing broken screens and installing door sweeps and weather stripping.

  2. Remove organic debris around your property, including leaf litter, grass clippings, and deadwood.

  3. Store firewood 30 feet away from a building in an organized, dry manner.

  4. Deter insects by keeping kitchens cleaned, which means doing dirty dishes and wiping up food and drink spills right away.

  5. Cover all garbage cans both in and around the property.

Minimizing entry points and attracting factors will go a long way towards preventing spiders from moving inside.

Removing Spiders The Easy Way

If you are tired of dealing with spiders in your Lake Worth, Florida home or business, let the experts at Above And Beyond Pest Control help. Our technicians will eradicate both spiders and their pest prey. Then, we will work with you to devise a pest control plan to keep spiders away in the future.

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