How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your West Palm Beach Yard

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Kid's leg with mosquito bites

Your Lake Worth yard might seem like an oasis, but there’s a pest that could completely ruin your time outside. If you have mosquitoes in your yard, you might be stuck inside all year long. But you don’t need to let these pests ruin your outdoor living space. With a few tips, you can deter mosquitoes and make the most of your yard.

Is Mosquito Prevention Important?

For some people, mosquitoes are just a minor inconvenience. You may only get a small welt and have minor itching if you’re lucky. But mosquitoes pose a serious threat to humans because they have the ability to transmit diseases. Even if mosquito bites don’t bother you, the diseases these Lake Worth pests carry and spread should be a concern.

Across the world, mosquitoes are feared for their disease transmission rates. The more they bite you, the more likely it is you will become sick. If you have children or elderly people in your home, they’re even more likely to suffer at the hands of a mosquito-borne illness.

Besides hiding out inside your home, there’s not much you can do to stop mosquitoes from biting. Light-colored clothing limits your chances of being a target, and thick clothing makes it harder for mosquitoes to penetrate your skin. However, you can’t hide forever.

Lake Worth Mosquito Prevention

The only way to know you’re safe from mosquitoes is to practice mosquito prevention. And even that isn’t completely effective unless you rely on the guidance of a professional. These tips may help you protect your property from mosquitoes, but they should be used in conjunction with professional pest control:

  • Understand Mosquito Behavior: It’s helpful to understand mosquito behavior before you try to protect your home. Only female mosquitoes bite, and they do so because they need nutrients to reproduce. Generally, they seek out people with high heat signatures. They are most active at dawn and dusk and are attracted to moisture.
  • Eliminate Standing Water: If you have any puddles or pools of water in your yard, you could have mosquito larvae. You can make it more difficult for mosquitoes to breed by removing all standing water from your property. For instance, make sure there are no dog bowls or planters without drainage holes in your yard. If you notice areas with drainage issues, find a way to improve the drainage. 
  • Limit Vegetation: The water in leaves and plants makes high humidity levels, and that attracts mosquitoes. If you have trees and shrubs in your yard, trim them back. Avoid planting flowering plants because the flowers could attract male mosquitoes. At a bare minimum, keep your vegetation away from your home or outdoor living spaces. There are a few plants that could deter mosquitoes. If you have lemongrass and citronella in your garden, mosquitoes might choose to go elsewhere. Just know that this alone won’t keep these pests away from you or your home.
  • Install Screens: Do your window screens have holes? Or do you leave your front door open even though there’s no screen? This makes it easy for mosquitoes to get to you. For your safety, you should install screens in all of your doors and windows. If they get holes, repair the screens as soon as possible.

Call A Professional

When it comes to mosquito prevention, there’s no substitute for a professional touch. For years, Above and Beyond Pest Control has been taking measures to make Lake Worth yards safe. Our technicians have extensive training and access to the right tools for the job. When you call us for mosquito control, we respond quickly and effectively.  Call us now at Above and Beyond Pest Control to learn more.

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