How Can I Protect My Lake Worth Yard From Ticks?

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The very sight of a black-legged tick can make some people cringe, no matter how tiny it is. Unfortunately, the blood-sucking pests are everywhere in the US, and your yard is likely hosting some tick species already. Does that seem scary? If you suspect a tick infestation, you can seek Lake Worth pest control experts for professional tick extermination.

Ticks attack pests and humans, explaining why you would not want to entertain them in your yard. Call a tick extermination services company immediately if you notice any signs of tick infestation in the home.

Why Ticks Are A Constant Problem Around Lake Worth

Ticks are not only scary to look at, but they are also disease transmitters. Ticks carry various diseases, including tularemia, Rock Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, etc. For your information, up to 75% of Lyme disease cases in the US are caused by tick bites right in people’s backyards.

Ticks are the primary concern in Lake Worth because of the conducive environment provided by this city. Ticks love moist, cool, and dark places. They don’t like very high temperatures, but plenty of shade, moist dirt, and tall grass will attract them more to your yard. 

Factors That Attract Ticks To Your Yard

Like all animals, ticks in Lake Worth look for food, shelter, and protection. Your blood or that of your pets can attract ticks. So, if you leave your pets to roam around, they may come back with ticks. Ticks can also get attracted to your yard because of the following:

  • Weather conditions: All types of ticks in Lake Worth thrive in rainy, humid, and warm weather. They need humidity of not less than 80%. If your yard provides these conditions, ticks might become your guests.
  • Environment: If you have tall grass, shade, and damp soil in your yard, don’t be surprised to spot some ticks moving around. Ticks can also hide under low-lying plants and shrubs, brush, leaf piles, ground litter, and low branches of trees.
  • Wildlife: If your home is visited by wildlife such as small rodents, raccoons, and deer, they will likely attract or bring ticks to your home. Birds may also attract or bring ticks to your yard.

Pest control experts understand the conditions that attract ticks to your home. That’s why they can effectively eliminate them.

Simple Tips To Prevent Ticks Around Your Yard

It is challenging to eliminate ticks from your yard, but there are steps you can take to reduce the population in your yard. These steps include:

  1. Introduce animals like opossums that are tick predators

  2. Put a barrier of gravel or mulch around your yard. 

  3. Prune back tree branches and shrubs

  4. Trim all shrubs and trees

  5. Mow your yard frequently

  6. Ensure your pets are washed regularly, and ticks are removed from their bodies.

  7. Protect your home against wild animals

  8. Check for signs of tick infestation regularly

Working on preventing ticks from invading your home on your own may not bring the desired results. It is best to work with tick control experts to help get rid of ticks permanently from your yard.

The Most Effective Tick Control Solution For Your Lake Worth Yard

As already mentioned, tick prevention and extermination aren’t DIY projects. You should leave these issues in the hands of a tick extermination company. The experts offer tick inspection and the best yard treatment for ticks. They also provide follow-up treatments to ensure ticks don’t return to your yard.

So, if you notice some ticks on your yard or pets, don’t worry. Call the experts to get rid of all ticks on your property.