How To Spot Early Signs Of Cockroaches In Your West Palm Beach Home

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Are Cockroaches A Problem?

What does the term “living area” mean? We would like to think it means a place that is desirable and supports a healthy life. For most people, their main living areas are inside their homes. You have living areas of your own that you rest in and enjoy daily.

There is no denying that cockroaches are creepy-looking pests, but does their threat level match their appearance? We would argue that it does. Cockroaches are among the most dangerous bugs you could have crawling around inside your home. What makes them dangerous? For one, they spread diseases such as salmonellosis, dysentery, cholera, and typhoid fever. They transmit these sicknesses through their fecal matter and via their dirty bodies. The second way cockroaches are dangerous involves the effects their shed skins and fecal droppings have on people with respiratory problems. When these roach byproducts get picked up into the air, they break up into dust-like particulates and may cause irritation or trigger asthma attacks in certain individuals.

Cockroach Clues

Smear Marks: Cockroaches are naturally greasy and grimy pests. When traveling around homes, they often leave a trail of discolored oil behind them. Look for these trails along baseboards, across floors, and near areas where roaches hide such as beneath kitchen appliances.

Fecal Droppings: Roaches use the restroom frequently. Identify cockroach fecal droppings by their small pinched edges and blackish-brown color. Many homeowners mistake piles of cockroach excrement for spilled coffee grounds.

Egg Capsules: Most insects lay their eggs individually which makes them impossible to see. Roaches, on the other hand, lay their eggs in capsules. These capsules are slightly smaller than roaches and look like tiny reddish-brown to tan jelly beans.

Musty Odor: Many things cause a musty odor, one of which is a large infestation of roaches. If you clean your home, spotless, but still smell something "off" in the air, these pests might be around just out of view.

The Benefits Of Cockroach Control

As hard as cockroaches are to identify, they are even harder to eliminate. Known for their resilience to various pest control products, radiation, and being squished, these pests can pose a huge problem for homeowners who try DIY elimination strategies. To make sure these pests are properly removed from your home, let the experts at Above and Beyond Pest Control help. Our team has access to industrial-grade cockroach treatments and is trained in how to use them properly.

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