Expert Weed Control In Lake Worth: How To Keep Your Lawn And Garden Healthy

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Weeds are a common problem for most homeowners. Weeds aren't like other types of plants. Instead, many weeds will rob your plants and grass of important nutrients required to keep your yard looking its best. Some weeds can be difficult to identify because they can look like ordinary flowers or a unique type of grass. 

At Above and Beyond Pest Control, we are not only the premier pest control company in east-central Florida, but we also have a lot of experience in lawn care in Lake Worth. Keep reading to learn how to identify the common types of weeds in this area and discover the easiest way to control the weed population on your property.

Common Types Of Weeds: How To Identify Them

Homeowners commonly find many types of weeds in their Lake Worth yards. Not all weeds are created equal. Some types of weeds can be beneficial as they can prevent ground erosion. And some types of weeds, like chicory or dandelions, can be safely consumed by humans and enhance various recipes. 

However, there are several types of weeds that you would not want growing on your property. If a weed can harm other plants, humans, or animals, it is called a noxious weed. Most noxious weeds are incredibly invasive and can take over your lawn in a short amount of time. Some of the most common types of noxious weeds that you will find in your Lake Worth lawn include:

  • Goosegrass: Many stems sprout from the center root of goosegrass and look like a flattened clump of weeds.  Each stem will have several flat, dark-green leaves that might look slightly folded. There is usually a cluster of seeds at the end of the leaves that look similar to a zipper. 
  • Crabgrass: This type of weed looks similar to goosegrass and is commonly mistaken for its look-alike family member. This type of weed features several stems that sprout from the center that resemble the sprawled-out legs of a crab and look like a flattened clump of grass. The stems are a lighter color green than the stems on goosegrass.
  • Quackgrass: This type of weed looks very similar to ordinary grass. The plant features long and thin leaves that look like ordinary blades of grass. However, some stems will feature a clump of pale-yellow seeds with sharp pointed leaves around them. 

These weeds usually have elaborate root systems that can reach into the soil of the ground. Mowing these weeds or cutting them off at the surface of the ground will typically not make them completely go away. To eliminate these weeds for good, you must team up with a professional lawn care company specializing in weed control. 

The Risks Of Uncontrolled Weeds: The Damage To Your Lawn's Health

There are a lot of weeds in this area that can damage your lawn and the other plants in it. When a weed grows, its root system will spread under the soil and could. If its roots get too close to the other plants in your yard, the underground area could quickly become too crowded, and the weed roots could steal the water and other nutrients from the plants. 

Various types of weeds are considered to be poisonous to humans and animals. If your pet happens to eat one of these weeds, it could become sick and require immediate medical assistance. If you are seeing any type of grass or plant in your yard that you feel should not be there, you should contact a local lawn care service to ensure that the weed is not harmful to you, your pets, or your lawn. 

Preventing Weeds From Taking Over Your Lawn: Tips And Tricks

Using herbicides and other DIY weed-control methods can be dangerous and ineffective. If you notice weeds around your lawn, the best thing to do is to get the help of a residential lawn care technician. They will be able to assess the situation and develop the safest and most effective weed control solution for you. 

Professional Weed Control: Enhancing The Health Of Your Lawn

If you want to enhance your lawn's life, call us today. At Above and Beyond Pest Control, our Lake Worth weed control specialist can keep the weeds out of your yard for good.