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Winning The Battle Against Ants In Stuart: Expert Advice On Effective Control

A popular genre of movies is action movies, especially superhero flix. Although it is almost certain the hero will survive the conflict, we watch with anticipation as our hero battles the newest villain on the silver screen. The usual plot involves an epic battle scene where the hero appears to have the upper hand, but then the villain has a secret weapon. We watch with anticipation and wonder if our hero can win the battle, but then it is revealed that the star also has hidden power and ultimately prevails. After watching our hero win a seemingly impossible battle, we return home anticipating the next movie. 

Battles are messy. Sometimes we think we are winning but are then hit with a setback or obstacle that makes us wonder if we can win. When you walk into the kitchen and witness a string of ants traveling along the baseboards, you know a potential battle awaits. You may dash to the garage to get a can of ant spray, only to be greeted with another round of ants the next day. Soon, you realize that removing ants from your house is not going to be an easy task. 

To win the battle against ants, you need more than a store-bought product;  you need ant control in Stuart from Above and Beyond Pest Control. Our family-owned and operated company has removed ants from homes since 1999. Our commitment to quality pest control, the use of the most advanced treatments, and customer service have made us an industry leader. When you partner with us, you have a company committed to ending your pest problem and preventing future issues. 

You probably found this article because you have an ant infestation in your Stuart home and need to get them out. Please keep reading because we will provide the information you need to win the war against ants.

Ant Communication: How Infestations Develop And Spread

To win a battle, you must understand the field tactics of your opponent, but first, let's identify the ants that infest many homes in our area. Although there are thousands of ant species worldwide, the following ants are problematic in the Stuart area:

  • Black ants
  • Crazy ants
  • Ghost ants
  • Fire ants
  • Sugar ants

We will continue our battle preparations by learning the two ways ant infestations begin and spread; we will then identify which method these particular ants invade homes.

The most common way an ant infestation begins is through swarming. An ant colony has a founding queen ant whose sole purpose is to produce offspring. Her story started when she flew to the location, found a suitable nesting site, burrowed into the soil, and laid eggs. The ants that hatched were sterile female worker ants. The queen ant nurtured them until they could forage for food. The queen continued to produce sterile female worker ants that created new tunnels and storage chambers and attended to the offspring by providing food for the growing colony.

When the nest was sufficient in size, the queen began producing male and female winged reproductive ants. When the warm spring air currents began to flow, these ants flew from the colony to form new nests in other locations. The males and females mated in flight, the males died soon afterward, the fertilized females found a suitable nesting area to lay their eggs, and the process began anew.

The less common way an infestation begins is through a process known as budding. The scenario is similar, but the male and female reproductive ants the queen eventually produces do not have wings. Instead, they mate while in the nest, and although some females produce offspring while still residing in the nests, most do not until the nest is disturbed. When a threat arises, the fertilized females and an entourage of sterile female ants leave the group and find a new location where they establish a new colony.

Of the ants on our list, ghost ants and some fire ant species expand their colonies by budding, while the other ant species (e.g., black ants, crazy ants, some fire ants, and sugar ants) use swarming.

When battling ants, you must identify the type of ants infesting your home because if you use the wrong method, you can set yourself to lose the battle. How? If you attack the ant problem as if they are swarming ants, when they are budding ants, you will end up with more nests at more locations than when you began the fight.

Above and Beyond Pest Control service technicians can identify the ant species infesting your house. When you contact us for ant pest control, we send a highly-trained service technician to your home who knows ant infestation signs and can determine the correct treatment protocol so as not to create a bigger problem.

Ant Problems: Health Concerns And Property Damage

All ants are a nuisance for homeowners. Ants create embarrassment and anxiety when they are inside your house. Most people call odorous house ants "sugar ants," this species, as well as ghost ants, releases a rotten coconut odor when crushed, adding to the nuisance factor. 

When they crawl across your body, you feel itchy and even dirty. However, ants are more than a nuisance for homeowners. 

Have you watched an ant and wondered how it climbs vertically up a wall? The secret lies in the tiny claws at each of the ends of its six legs. While these claws enable the ant to gain a foothold, they also attract bacteria lying on the surface. When the ants move through your Stuart home across countertops, cooking surfaces, towels, exposed foods, and other items, bacteria transfer from their claws and contaminate those areas. Although only one ant species (i.e., pharaoh ants) are known to spread disease, when ants are in your house, you must wash everything before using it to avoid contamination.

Although ants will bite when threatened, some do not have enough power to break human skin, while others can cause pain like a bee sting. Some ants have a stinger. In the case of black ants, their stinger is too weak to pierce the skin, but fire ants are different. Fire ants create large mounds with multiple openings from which they swarm out onto their victim. Once they get onto their prey, they bite to anchor themselves and repeatedly sting their victim injecting venom. Red, itchy, painful, fluid-filled blisters develop and cause discomfort for many days. 

So-called because of their erratic walking patterns, crazy ants occasionally infest electronic equipment. When these ants invade AC units and appliances, they chew through the protective coating on circuit board wiring, which causes short circuits that can lead to expensive repair bills. 

Above and Beyond Pest Control provides ant pest control services near you to protect your family from painful ant stings and your appliances against short circuits.

Professional Ant Control: A Great Way To Get Rid Of An Infestation

Unless you are an expert at ant identification and understand the habits and behaviors of the ant species infesting your Stuart home, the best way to win the battle against ants is to partner with Above and Beyond Pest Control. 

We will send a trained service technician to inspect your home for entry points, attractants, hot spots, and ant identification. We will share our findings and present an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategic plan to remove the ants. The IPMt approach focuses on pest elimination of a pest, future prevention, and environmentally conscious techniques. 

Upon your approval, we will implement the custom plan targeting the ant species using a combination of non-chemical treatments and minimal use of environmentally friendly products. We focus not only on winning the battle against ants but also on preventing a future invasion.

Ant Prevention Tips: Keep Your Home Ant-Free

Once Above and Beyond Pest Control provides ant control for your Stuart home, you can do the following to secure complete victory in your battle against ants:

  • Seal foundation and roofline cracks with caulk.
  • Prune tree branches and shrubs away from the home.
  • Store firewood 20 feet from the structure and elevate. 
  • Repair leaking plumbing fixtures and drains in the house.
  • Close indoor and outdoor garbage containers.
  • Wipe down cooking and eating surfaces after meals.
  • Place food products in airtight plastic or glass containers.
  • Remove pet food from bowls before retiring to bed.
  • Clean and store dishes daily.
  • Vacuum the house regularly.
  • Suction cracks, crevices, and corners.

Ants enter homes searching for food, water, and shelter. The best way to deter ants is to provide a clean, dry environment inside and outside your Stuart home. Removing enticements from your home and property will stop ants from invading. 

The best way to secure a complete win in the battle against ants is to use a company that provides ant control near you, Above and Beyond Pest Control. We promise a personalized experience, knowledgeable staff, competitive pricing, and your satisfaction with our service. Contact us today to request your free inspection.



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