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Usually measuring up to ½ inch in length, termites are often identified by their soft bodies and straight antennae. For Lake Worth residents, there are three main types of termites you’ll need to worry about:

  • Subterranean termites: Subterranean termites are the most common in Florida, and they’ll also cause your home the most damage.

  • Drywood termites: As their name suggests, drywood termites love to feast on dry wood and don’t require as much moisture as subterranean termites do.

  • Dampwood termites: Dampwood termites are attracted to decaying wood, and of the three types, they’re also the biggest.

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While all three species are known for the damage they cause, termites can also be beneficial for the environment. They’re one of the world’s most important decomposers because they break down tough plant fibers and rejuvenate the soil. And, depending on where you live, termites can actually be a delicacy in certain parts of Africa and Asia.

However, their benefits don’t negate the destruction caused by termites. Here’s what you should know about recognizing the signs of a termite problem, why you shouldn’t try to fight these pests on your own, and the best way to handle a termite infestation.

What Are The Signs Of A Termite Infestation In Lake Worth, FL?

Unfortunately, termite activity can often go unnoticed for months or longer, and by the time a lot of homeowners discover the problem, they’ve already got thousands of dollars in damage. One part of effective termite control comes down to recognizing the signs of a termite infestation, such as:

  • Your doors and windows suddenly get stuck all the time
  • There’s constantly crumbling or damaged wood in your house or around your property
  • The tiles in your floor become loose from the excess moisture that termites bring in
  • There are mud tubes around or climbing the foundation of your house
  • You notice termite swarms on your property
  • Your drywall becomes discolored or starts drooping
  • Your walls look like they’ve got water damage or the paint starts to look like it’s peeling
  • There are maze-like patterns on the wood of your furniture, walls, or floorboards
  • There are tiny, pin-sized holes in your drywall
  • When you tap on it, the wood of your walls or floors sounds hollow
  • Your floorboards start squeaking excessively
  • There are piles of wings near entrances of your home that get left behind from termite swarms
  • Drywood termite pellets, which may look like salt and pepper, are piled around walls or baseboards

While it may seem like termite infestations have a lot of signs to watch for, most of these signs are also extremely subtle. It’s important to pay attention to the signs, but another crucial element of termite control is getting annual inspections of your home. A qualified expert will be able to identify a termite infestation – even if it’s in the early stages – and help you rid your home of these pests before they cause too much damage.

Can You Get Rid Of Termites On Your Own In Lake Worth, FL?

Regardless of when they catch a termite infestation, a lot of homeowners try to solve the problem on their own. Most of the time, these DIY techniques aren’t effective and they only allow the infestation more time to grow and cause more damage.

Some of these do-it-yourself methods include chemical termiticides that are meant to kill termites. While they may make a dent in your infestation, they can be dangerous for people or animals too. Another method is bait stations which combine cellulose material with a low-grade insecticide that slowly kills termites. While bait stations may kill some of your infestation, they’re rarely able to kill every member of the colony, especially adolescent or termite eggs.

The Most Effective Form Of Termite Control In Lake Worth, FL

Termite infestations aren’t something you want to ignore, and regardless of how small the problem seems, it’s still something you want to leave up to the termite control professionals – like those of us at Above and Beyond Pest Control.

Not only can we perform a thorough inspection of your home and identify where the damage has been done, but our effective treatment will ensure that we take care of every last termite. If you think you’re noticing signs of a termite problem, call us at Above and Beyond Pest Control to schedule an inspection or learn more. We also offer commercial pest control for local businesses.

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