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Six Easy Spider Control Tips For West Palm Beach Homeowners

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Would you prefer to never walk into your bathroom and find a big, hairy spider on the floor or wall? Are you tired of finding webs throughout your Lake Worth home? Today, we're going to give you six easy spider control tips to help you deter spiders. But, these six tips will only get you so far. After we give you the easy tips, we're going to tell you about a few not-so-easy ways to get control of spiders.

Easy Spider Control

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  • Turn off a light. That's pretty easy, right? If you leave exterior lights on at night, you're going to attract insects. This, in turn, will attract spiders to your home because spiders eat insects. 
  • Flick a switch. Do you have a fan in your bathroom? If so, you have a switch for that fan. It's a good idea to use it. When you vent the moisture out of your bathroom while showering or taking a bath, it can go a long way to reducing unwanted spider appearances. Spiders are drawn to humid spaces.
  •  Sweep a web. If you see a web in your home or garage that can be easily swept away by a broom, it's a good idea to do so. Some spider webs can have hundreds of eggs in them. These eggs are kept inside small egg sacs attached to the web.
  • Tell your kids to pick up their toys. Assuming they listen, this can be an easy way to control spiders. When your kids leave their toys around the yard, some of those toys can be used by spiders. The spiders get under them or inside the voids within. This can promote spider activity in your yard.
  • Turn the knob on your water spigot. Something Lake Worth residents do to increase spider activity (without realizing it) is overwater their plants. This can cause damp conditions that promote spider activity and poor plant health which can attract plant-damaging insects. If you attract aphids, white flies, and scale insects, spiders will come to eat those insects. Only give your plants as much water as they need and consider watering your plants in the early morning.
  • Squish a spider. As mean as it may sound, you should quickly address spiders when you see them. A clump of toilet paper or paper towels is all that is needed to get rid of most spiders. If you prefer, use a cup and a piece of cardboard to capture the spider and put it outside. When you get rid of a female spider, you may potentially stop hundreds of spiders from hatching in your home.

Not-So-Easy Spider Control

Many of the tips we've already provided can be expanded upon. Plus, there are other methods that can be used to get control of spiders, such as:

Exterior Light

Along with turning lights off, it can be helpful to replace white lights with yellow lights. This requires a little more effort, but it is well worth it.

Interior Moisture

Along with using your bathroom fan to control moisture, you should also consider fixing leaking faucet and showerheads. These can create a constant source of moisture droplets for spiders to drink. It's hard work, and it requires some know-how, but removing water sources can have a big impact on spiders.

Web Removal

It is important to address every spider web in and around your property. Some of them can be high up. You're going to need to attach a spider web-removal tool to a long pole to get those. And you'll have to crawl into dirty spaces to get webs that have been created in the voids underneath exterior structures. Sorry. It will take some work.


Any objects that sit in your yard can provide hiding places for spiders. You might need to roll your sleeves up and haul some things to the dump, or carry some items inside. Along with this, routine yard maintenance is essential. Remove leaves, sticks, and other debris from your yard to deter spiders.


Spiders are drawn to dense, moist vegetation. Along with reducing unnecessary water, it is important to consider the conditions that promote moisture, such as weeds and grass in your landscaping, or untrimmed bushes and shrubs.

Pest Treatments

There is no better way to get control of spiders than to invest in routine treatments for the exterior of your home. Treatments reduce the bugs that spiders eat and help to directly repel certain spider species.


Use a caulking gun and expanding foam to address any entry points in your exterior. Replace old weatherstripping or door sweeps that have gaps. Repair or replace damaged window and door screens and also address gaps around your screen frames. These will all help to naturally exclude spiders from your home.

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