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Sewall’s Point, FL Pest Control

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Guaranteed Pest Control In Sewall's Point, FL

Sewall’s Point is a unique form of community, in that it is located on a peninsula and acts like an oasis; however, the mainland and all of its attractions are just moments away. The town is primarily known for the unfettered access that it provides to the water, with docks, beaches, and charters. There are a handful of eateries, but this area is mainly residential and has friendly, walkable streets from end to end. But with Florida’s warm temperatures, hurricane season, and the overall influence of water, pest problems develop throughout the year here.

When pest problems come knocking, look no further than Above and Beyond Pest Control. We have been the area’s trusted pest control provider since 1999 because we genuinely care about our customers and provide guaranteed Martin County pest control no matter the service. Our team is knowledgeable about pest identification, we always act swiftly, and we follow Integrated Pest Management for a long-lasting, eco-friendly approach. For more information on our services, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Sewall's Point

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At Above and Beyond Pest Control, we will always go the extra mile to make sure that your Sewall’s Point household is protected from the pests that seek to invade it. We’ve been caring for local properties since 1999 and we continue to innovate and provide guaranteed services to this day.

In order to deliver the most reliable services, we follow Integrated Pest Management methods, which is an eco-friendly approach to lasting results. It also means that we customize the services we provide you with and we can adapt treatments on a seasonal basis to yield the best results. In addition to our general pest control services, we provide targeted answers for issues such as bed bugs, termites, weeds, and fumigation so that you are always covered. For more information on how residential pest control in Sewall's Point can protect your home, call us for your free inspection today.

Commercial Pest Control In Sewall's Point

A pest problem in your Sewall’s Point business can feel unavoidable, so rather than leave yourself exposed to the potential threat of pests, ??Above and Beyond Pest Control is here to help. We have been providing local businesses with Martin County pest control since 1999, and we guarantee our work because we follow strict Integrated Pest Management methods that we know are effective.

This system ensures that we always offer the most thorough inspections and customized service plans that we build around your exact needs. This is an eco-conscious system that focuses on education and structural changes, using non-toxic products only where they’re necessary. Some of the offerings that we provide during our visits include crevice treatments, setting glue boards, and perimeter sprays, all of which we guarantee. To learn more about our Sewall's Point commercial pest control programs, call us today.

Why Sewall's Point Homes Could Still Be At Risk for Termites

A termite’s main objective is to access the wood that they need to eat and that they will use to create their colonies. While some termites are interested in dry wood, there are a few species that seek wood that has been made weak or incurred fungal issues due to water damage.

Unfortunately, the homes in Sewall’s Point could be more at risk for termite problems than others because of the amount of overall humidity and warmth that the area experiences as well as the rainfall during hurricane season. Species such as subterranean and dampwood termites would make a feast out of a home that has water damage from an excess of rain. These factors essentially prime homes for termite problems, especially if homeowners are not properly aware of their dangers.

At Above and Beyond Pest Control, we ensure that every homeowner is properly protected from the threat of termites. We provide detailed inspections, use the trusted Sentricon® System, and guarantee the results of our work. To learn more about termite control in Sewall's Point, call us right away!

Are Ants In My Sewall's Point Home Dangerous?

Some of the ants that you’ll come across in your Sewall’s Point home will be harmless, while others have the potential to be a threat. Here are some of the species you’ll encounter and the concerns that they do or don’t bring. 

  • Red fire ant: You can spot this type of ant by its fiery red coloring and the mounds that it builds outside. If you provoke them, red fire ants will bite you, which can lead to some serious reactions like nausea and vomiting. 
  • Odorous house ant: The odorous house ant is usually the type that you’ll find loitering around your kitchen trash and they are simply a nuisance, though they do smell like coconuts when you crush them. 
  • Pharaoh ant: The Pharaoh ant is a translucent amber color and it passes along the pathogens that lead to salmonellosis and streptococcus and clostridium infections. 
  • Pavement ant: These tiny black ants are usually hanging around the cracks in driveways and sidewalks and are not harmful to you. 

For more information on complete ant control in Sewall's Point, give Above and Beyond Pest Control a call today. 

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