Effective Sentricon Systems for Your Pest Control Needs

Get Complete Protection From Termites With Sentricon System

Seeing flying termites and swarmers can be an indication that your home may be under the risk of pests. Hire the certified Sentricon specialist at Above & Beyond P.E.S.T. Control to conduct an inspection to eliminate pests from your property.

With us, you'll find a wide variety of pest control packages suited for your needs. Contact our experienced staff to learn more about our Sentricon system and pest control packages.

Check Out Our Reasonably Priced Pest Control Packages

Above and Beyond Package
Pest Control - $30/mo (average price)
Sentricon System - $25/mo (up to 400 in ft.)
Drywood Termite Warranty - $15/mo (up to 3,500 sq. ft.)

Customer's Choice
Mosquito Control (includes 9 treatments per year) - $50/mo (up to 15,000 sq. ft.)
Rodent Control (includes up to 6 bait boxes) - $50/mo
Total Monthly Fee - $120 (based on average PC fee)
You can also choose both our packages for just $155! Learn more about our affordable pest control packages.
Get a FREE inspection to learn your pest risks. Call us at 

You can count on us to provide lawn and ornamental insect control services. Call us for more details!

Certified Sentricon Specialist
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