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Effective Pest Control Solutions In St. Lucie, FL

Named after our neighboring St. Lucie River, our coastal community along Florida’s Atlantic Coast is known for its beaches and warm weather. But moist climates with mild winters are a pest’s best friend since they can remain active all year long. Learning how to protect your property from infestations early, rather than waiting for them to be present before you worry about them, is the best way to keep your St. Lucie property protected. Learn how Above And Beyond Pest Control can help today.

Residential Pest Control In St. Lucie, FL

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Too many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that a serious pest infestation can’t or won’t happen to them. But just because you keep your home clean and try to keep up on maintenance doesn’t mean the threat of pests doesn’t apply to you. We call them pests because they have an annoying habit of being drawn to our homes in the first place. Here’s why it’s important to turn to professional pest control resources, so you can avoid the side effects of having pests inside or around your property:

  • Damage: Pests can damage your property in a number of ways, from biting and boring to staining and nesting. The costs of these kinds of repairs or clean-ups are often higher than simply hiring professionals to protect your property in the first place.
  • Disease: The more serious consequence of a pest infestation is the health risks. Not only do pests carry diseases that they can pass to people, but they can also cause allergies to worsen.
  • Other Pests: The presence of one kind of pest inevitably attracts another. That’s why no pest problem is too small to worry about.

Contact Above And Beyond Pest Control today and get started on pest protection for your St. Lucie home.

Commercial Pest Control In St. Lucie, FL

As common as pests inside homes and residential yards are, they can be even more abundant on commercial properties. All of the factors that attract pests -- like food, water, and storage areas to hide in -- can be found even more readily inside of businesses. If human activity draws pests to a property, it’s no surprise that areas with lots of activity day in and day out would be such attractive targets for an infestation. That’s why Above And Beyond Pest Control helps all kinds of businesses avoid and quickly clamp down on pest populations. Here are just some of the industries we help:

  • Restaurants/Bars: Some of the most vulnerable businesses are places where food is stored, served, and tossed out every day. That’s why restaurants and bars need to call pros right away, not wait for the health inspectors to require it.
  • Offices: But even non-food service spaces can be a draw for pests. Employees eat lunches in offices, too, after all, and office buildings tend to have lots of storage spaces where pests can find a spot to nest.
  • Warehouses: Speaking of storage space, warehouses are often nothing but. That’s why even industrial sites where products or tools are stored can still be attractive to pests.

Even if you don’t own one of these properties, you can still benefit from the assistance of pest control experts. Contact Above And Beyond Pest Control today to get started.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Avoid Bed Bugs In St. Lucie?

Unlike other pests, which tend to form outdoors and then look for access points into your property’s interior, bed bugs don’t invade the way we tend to imagine. Instead, bed bugs are carried in by people and pets directly, without us even realizing it at the time. That’s why complete bed bug prevention isn’t as simple or guaranteed as it is with other kinds of infestations. This is also why St. Lucie property owners need to learn ways to avoid coming into contact with bed bugs in the first place.

  • Hotspots: Bed bugs cling to people’s belongings to hitch a ride back to our homes and businesses. They naturally congregate in areas where lots of people gather or travel to every day. That’s why hotels, airports, bus stations, and other types of properties can be hot spots of bed bug activity.
  • Used Items: Just as bed bugs can cling to our belongings, they can cling to other things. Used furniture, clothing, containers, and more can all potentially have bed bugs, so you need careful inspection before bringing them with you.
  • Inspections & Prompt Treatment: Speaking of inspections, the best way to make sure bed bugs aren’t forming on your property -- or to quickly deal with them if they’re already there -- is to contact the experts at Above And Beyond Pest Control.

For bed bug protection done right, turn to Above And Beyond Pest Control today.

What Your St. Lucie Lawn Wants You To Know About Damaging Weeds

Hey there, this is your lawn speaking. You do a lot to take care of me, but I see how busy you get with other things in life. It’s only natural; you’ve got a lot going on. But it’s in these moments of distraction that weeds and pests can form in your yard, which can damage the grasses and decorative plants you spend so much time grooming. This is why it’s important for St. Lucie property owners to turn to lawn care experts like Above And Beyond Pest Control.

Their experts can prevent weeds from taking root in the first place, and their pest control methods will make sure no damaging garden insects become a problem either. The best way to keep me green and healthy is with some extra reinforcements, so you don’t have to worry about taking it all on by yourself. Contact Above And Beyond Pest Control to get started on proper lawn care today.

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I would definitely recommend Above and Beyond Pest Control. They were responsive, quick to come out, and honest. Corey came to inspect a possible bed bug issue. Turns out he did not detect any signs of bed bugs which was a huge relief. He was very knowledgeable and gave us possible explanations for the issues we were having and recommendations on what to do. I would call them again in the future.

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