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Pantry Pest Identification & Prevention

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What are pantry pests?

Insects found in a home’s pantry, typically inside of stored dried goods, are called pantry pests. Many different types of pantry pests live worldwide, with the following being some of the most common.

  • Grain beetles
  • Indian meal moths
  • Flower beetles
  • Rice weevils
  • Chinch bugs

Any food stored in our homes or commercial properties is at risk of being infested by pantry pests.

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Are pantry pests dangerous?

Pantry pests are dangerous because of the amount of food loss they are responsible for. Dry goods that become a food source to pantry pests are contaminated, and you need to discard them from the kitchen or pantry; a costly result of a pantry pest infestation.

The larval stage of the pantry pest is responsible for causing most of the contamination and damage these pests are known for. Adult females will lay their eggs on a suitable food source; once the egg hatches, the larva will feed on the provided food contaminating it further with their saliva and excrement.

Why do I have a pantry pest problem?

Human food, pet food, and wild animal feed are all susceptible to pantry pests. Open products or products with ripped packaging are most likely to be invaded by pantry pests. Some species can and will invade sealed packing, moving inside through folds or small seams; sometimes, they can chew through plastic or cardboard to get to the food inside.

Some of the most common types of food to be contaminated by pantry pests are listed below.

  • Birdseed
  • Dry pet food
  • Cereal and oats
  • Flour, cornmeal, and powdered milk
  • Crackers
  • Spices, dry herbs, and tea
  • Dry beans
  • Chocolate

Where will I find pantry pests?

The most likely place to discover a pantry pest infestation in your home is the kitchen or pantry. How the pantry pests got into your home in the first place can vary.

The most common way they enter into our homes is after we unintentionally introduce them, usually after purchasing food from the grocery store, farmers market, or pet store already infested with pantry pest eggs or larvae.

Sometimes adults move into homes on their own. Many are attracted to lights and move inside through tiny openings they discover around windows and doors or the exterior walls of your home.

How do I get rid of pantry pests?

Don’t let pantry pests take over your Florida kitchen and cause you to throw out your family’s food. As soon as you notice pantry pests in your home, contact the local, family-oriented professionals at Above and Beyond Pest Control!

We are leaders in the pest control industry and are always committed to protecting people and their property from the many problems pests are known to cause. Through advanced treatments and the use of Integrated Pest Management, we can safely rid properties of pests for both people and the environment.

To learn more about the personalized pest control services we provide our customers and how we can work together to rid your property of pantry pests, give us a call today and speak with one of our friendly pest control experts!

How can I prevent pantry pests in the future?

Don’t let pantry pests move in and out of your home as they please; put into place the following prevention tips to help keep pantry pests out of your Florida kitchen!

  • One of the best things you can do to avoid pantry pests is never to purchase dry goods with damaged packaging.
  • Do not buy food from bulk bins. The food in the bins is not tightly sealed and tends to sit around for long periods, easily allowing pantry pests to find their way inside.
  • Inside your home, remove dry goods from their original packaging and place them in plastic or glass containers with airtight lids.
  • Keep kitchen and pantry areas clean and free of crumbs and food debris.
  • Check expiration dates and remove older or expired dry goods from your home.
  • Seal spaces around windows and doors and make sure screens are intact to help prevent moths and other adult pantry pests from finding a way into your house.

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