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Expert Pest Control In Palm Beach, FL

Well-known for its beautiful location, historical sites, and thriving local economy, Palm Beach offers the best in Florida living to residents and visitors alike. With a year-round climate that's warm and humid with temperatures climbing during the summer months, Palm Beach is ideal for enjoying the outdoors, no matter the time of year, as these conditions make spending time outside and on the water a breeze. However, they also attract pests both outdoors and indoors. Luckily, there’s a local pest control company that goes above and beyond.

For more than two decades, Above and Beyond Pest Control has been providing Palm Beach homeowners and businesses alike with premier pest control solutions. It’s our mission to always offer fair and honest pricing, unparalleled customer service, and yield results in the process. Contact us today for more information on keeping your property safe and free from pests. 

Residential Pest Control In Palm Beach, FL

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At Above and Beyond Pest Control, we’re proud to be a family-owned and locally-operated business for the two decades that we’ve been around. It means that we believe in treating our clients with honesty and respect, just as we would our own family. When you contact Above and Beyond Pest Control for your free, no-obligation inspection, one of our highly-trained technicians will leave no stone unturned in our quest to completely understand your property and any issues you may be facing. From there, we work together to develop a treatment and follow-up plan that is aimed at completely eradicating your pest problems on a timeline and budget that suits your needs. Using Integrated Pest Management principles, we’re able to yield sustainable results for our clients and ensure that not only do treated pests not return but that new problems don’t arise. Contact us today for your free inspection and more information on living pest-free with our residential pest control. 

Commercial Pest Control In Palm Beach, FL

As a locally-owned business, we love working with other Palm Beach area businesses to ensure that they remain a vital part of our community. We know how detrimental a pest problem can be to your daily operations and it’s our mission to prevent that from happening. Whether you’re in a moment of crisis or you’re looking to prevent pest problems from cropping us, Above and Beyond Pest Control can help. 

We are a team of highly trained pest professionals, dedicated to quality service at fair, honest prices. Our work is never subcontracted out, we utilize Integrated Pest Management to ensure safe, effective results, and our customer service is unlike any that you’ll find in the area. So contact us today for more information on keeping your business pest-free. 

The Secret To Minimizing Mosquito Problems Around Your Palm Beach Yard

Mosquitoes thrive in humid, moist climates similar to those found in the Palm Beach area, so it’s no surprise when you find them buzzing around your backyard gatherings. In their search for a blood meal, mosquitoes are attracted to all sorts of factors, from blood type to the color clothing you’re wearing. Some DIY techniques exist, like planting citronella, wearing lighter clothing, limiting your outdoor time during dusk and dawn, and removing still water, however, the true secret to minimizing mosquito problems around your yard is with professional mosquito control in Palm Beach from Above and Beyond Pest Control. 

We’re able to offer thorough, unmatched, safe, and effective spray treatments during mosquito season that will keep your backyard mosquito-free; we guarantee it. Contact us today for more information and to get started with your free inspection. 

Why You Should Call The Pros About Termites On Your Palm Beach Property

Termites are one of the most costly pests, costing U.S. homeowners approximately five billion dollars in damage each year. This occurs because termites often go unnoticed by homeowners. They chew through the wood in your home day in and day out, but because the location of their work tends to be in areas that are either hard-to-reach or never accessed, we just don’t detect them until the signs tend to move to the exterior, like mud tubes, mazes, and frass (termite excrement). 

What’s more frustrating is that termites are actually a pest that proves very difficult for the average Palm Beach property owner to prevent. They primarily attack wood that has been damaged due to water or fungus and can gain access to your property quite easily due to their small size. Monitoring these factors can prove to be a full-time job and it’s entirely necessary. That’s why the best thing to do in order to prevent termites or to remove an active colony is to call the professionals at Above and Beyond Pest Control. Contact us today for more information on keeping your property termite-free.

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