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Pahokee, FL Pest Control

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Pest Control In Pahokee, FL

Pahokee, Florida, is a small community surrounded by fields of corn, sugar cane, and beans and a place where everyone knows everyone. While many people like to live in a place with a lot going on, the people that live and work here enjoy the quiet.

While it's nearly impossible to avoid pests anywhere you live, we might experience more here because of the many crop fields. You should know what Above and Beyond Pest Control can do for you and how we can help with Palm Beach County pest control.

Residential Pest Control In Pahokee

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The number of pests in our area is seemingly endless. Critters regularly infest residential properties from ants, cockroaches, earwigs, spiders, and many more. Above and Beyond Pest Control knows all about these pests and can help you keep them out of your home.  

Our home pest control process consists of the following:

  • A free and complete inspection of the interior and exterior of your home to check for active pest problems and conditions that may lead to them.
  • A quote is provided based on inspection findings. 
  • A treatment plan designed for your particular needs.
  • A monthly or bi-monthly schedule for follow-up services to keep your home a pest-free environment.

Some pests are easier to treat, and this can be accomplished the same day as the inspection, while others are a bit more challenging and may require some prep work beforehand; such pests include bed bugs and termites. 

You can learn more about any pest control services we provide by contacting our Above and Beyond Pest Control team.

Commercial Pest Control In Pahokee

You likely don't realize that your commercial property provides easy access to the resources pests need to survive, such as food, a conducive environment to live, water availability, and more. Unless you are already working with commercial pest control experts to combat these issues, your business could be at risk with all the concerns pests cause. 

You don't have to stress about the many pests in our area that can infest when working with Above and Beyond Pest Control. We have built our reputation on trust with our customers, so we provide all the information you need to get started, helping you make the best decisions for your business. 

Above and Beyond Pest Control can be your go-to for all your pest control needs and more! With our Lawn & Ornamental Care and Weed Control services, you can keep your entire commercial property healthy and free of pests, fungus, and other issues that are cause for concern. 

Call today and ask how our highly trained technicians can assist you at your commercial facility!

How Pahokee Residents Can Prepare For The Termite Season

Termite season is when swarmers, flying reproductive members, leave to find a new location to establish a new colony. In our area, this is May through November, or as you may know it, the rainy season. However, this does not mean this is the only time you have to worry about termites. 

In Flordia, we see some of the worst termite problems year-round. However, because termite season is when they are the most active, you can prepare by doing the following:

  • Ensure you have the proper moisture barriers in place. 
  • Repair any poor ventilation and use dehumidifiers where necessary.
  • Remove dead trees, stumps, rotting or water-damaged wood such as fences and decks, and anything else that may attract these pests.
  • Use crushed rocks to create a barrier between the soil and your home's foundation.
  • Keep your yard clear of organic debris like leaves.
  • Inspect the exterior of your home for cracks where termites can get inside.

The best way to avoid issues this termite season is by working with professionals to prevent termites in the first place. Ask our experts at Above and Beyond Pest Control how we can help!

Everyone in Pahokee knows just how frustrating mosquitoes are. Unfortunately, we have some of the highest mosquito populations in the United States because of our warm and humid conditions. It may seem like you are defenseless against these pests, but the truth is that you can significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard with the correct methods.

DIY mosquito control doesn't work. You can buy as many over-the-counter (OTC) products as you want, but they will not get to the heart of the issue, which is why mosquitoes are attracted to your property in the first place. With services from pest control experts, you can be sure they address conducive conditions such as stagnant water, which provides breeding sites, and shady areas, which mosquitoes need to survive during the daytime.

For assistance with mosquito control in Pahokee, call Above and Beyond Pest Control!

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