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Lakewood Park, FL Pest Control

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Expert Pest Control In Lakewood Park, FL

With top-notch public schools, an emphasis on community, and businesses that are both local and national, the town of Lakewood Park is perfect for families and retirees alike. Located within easy driving distance of both Vero Beach and the water, Lakewood Park offers its residents a suburban/rural mix while being a quaint coastal town. The climate here is warm and humid throughout the year, which is ideal if you like spending time on the water or golfing; however, these conditions are also primed for pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, and wildlife. 

With more than 30 years of experience, the team at Above and Beyond Pest Control will always do just that: go above and beyond. We personalize every treatment and service, whether you’re a residential client or a commercial one. In addition, our pricing is competitive, we guarantee our services, and we always offer free initial inspections. So don’t wait; contact us today for more information on the best pest control you can find. 

Residential Pest Control In Lakewood Park, FL

When it comes to protecting your home, pest invaders are one of the most dangerous and unsuspecting threats that you could encounter. But that’s why Above and Beyond Pest Control is here. We’re the team that homeowners of coastal Florida trust for fair, honest pricing, safe and reliable services, and the best customer service around. We provide homeowners with both pest-specific and general solutions to meet your needs, whatever they may be. And when we service your home, you can rest assured that all of our products are safe for you and everyone inside your home. We also utilize Integrated Pest Management, which is geared at getting to the root cause of your problems and actually creating change. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation inspection and to learn more about our residential pest control. 

Commercial Pest Control In Lakewood Park, FL

At Above and Beyond Pest Control, we provide unparalleled protection for your business; we guarantee it. When you run a business, there are so many other things you need to worry about and pests shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why we staff with only the best technicians, provide you with unparalleled customer support, and offer competitive and fair pricing. As a family-owned and -operated business, we maintain our core values and are determined to deliver on them with every interaction we have with your business. Together we’ll develop a treatment and follow-up plan that suits your specific needs. To restore your peace of mind, contact us today for more information on our commercial pest control.

Seven Signs Your Lakewood Park Home Has A Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs are a parasite that will feed on you in your Lakewood Park home during the night. Unfortunately, often times they go undetected or untreated, but there are seven signs that will help in preventing a bed bug problem from growing out of control:

  1. A slightly sweet musty odor
  2. Seeing bed bugs themselves
  3. Being covered in itchy, painful red welts
  4. Rust-colored staining on bed linens
  5. Eggs, egg shells, and nymphs
  6. Fecal staining
  7. Shed body parts

Bed bug problems that are left unattended or not handled properly will only grow more intense. That's why for the safe removal of a bed bug infestation or for more information on preventing one, contact the team at Above and Beyond Pest Control today. 

How Dangerous Are Cockroaches In Lakewood Park?

Cockroaches make their way inside your Lakewood Park property in search of food, filth, shelter, and water. Once inside, they have little reason to leave, as most of the time humans provide them with everything they require and even some of the things they don’t. And while they may seem like an unsightly nuisance, cockroaches can actually be detrimental to your health. According to the World Health Organization, roaches are unsanitary scavengers that spread pathogens, diseases, and viruses. Some of the pathogens that they carry lead to cholera, leprosy, salmonellosis, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. They may also instigate allergies through their saliva, fecal matter, and shed body parts. And lastly, people who live in homes infested with cockroaches are also said to experience anxiety and stress because of the stigma attached to them. 

Handling a cockroach problem on your own may not only prove dangerous but also futile. Trying to kill individual cockroaches is unsafe, time-consuming, and leads to dead cockroaches strewn about your property, and no one wants that. So when it comes to dealing with cockroaches, contact the pros at Above and Beyond Pest Control and keep your property safe. 

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Their service has been great. The service I had prior couldn’t get the weeds under control. We’ve had Above and Beyond for a few months and the lawn is looking much better. We said that we would like the lawn in good shape within a year and they are going to meet or beat that. Thanks

R. Severtson 
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