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Fumigation In West Palm Beach, FL

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Complete Fumigation Services For Your West Palm Beach Home Or Business

When it comes to the damage caused by pests, not all pests are created equal. Some are merely a nuisance, while others can bring a building crashing down. Some of the most dangerous pests are the ones that prefer to spend their time out of sight, eating away at the wooden elements that keep your Lake Worth home or business structurally sound.

Wood destroying pests are extremely dangerous to have in a building. If an infestation has become widespread, it may be necessary to fumigate it in order to eliminate the entire infestation as quickly and completely as possible. Above and Beyond Pest Control has been performing fumigation services and protecting homes and businesses from damaging pests for over 30 years. We have the necessary experience and expertise to diagnose your pest problem in order to recommend the best course of treatment, and we perform that treatment carefully and effectively.

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Fumigation Services From Above And Beyond Pest Control

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A thorough inspection is a vital first step when you’re considering whether or not your structure requires fumigation. We’ll inspect the entire building, including the attic, to identify signs of wood-destroying insect activity. We’ll tap on the fascia, look for portal holes, and search for pellets, wings, and other signs of pests. If we find activity in multiple locations, your building is a good candidate for fumigation.

The pests that most commonly require fumigation include termites, powderpost beetles, old house borers, and bed bugs. Bed bugs are not wood-destroying pests, but if they infest your house in large numbers, they can be difficult to eliminate by conventional means, so fumigation is sometimes a more effective option.

Having tented a variety of buildings, including the Palm Beach County Convention Center, apartment buildings, and single-family homes, Above and Beyond Pest Control has the experience you seek. We don’t subcontract out any of our services, so you can feel confident knowing you’ll be working with our experienced technicians every step of the way.

TAPE and Seal Fumigation

In addition to traditional fumigation, we also offer tape and seal fumigation. This method uses visqueen, spray glue, and tape in lieu of using tarps. We offer this service by request and when the structure qualifies for this method of fumigation. We also provide tentless solutions, which entails treating the attic of the structure for wood-destroying organisms. For more information about our tape and seal or tentless fumigation services, please contact us today.

Professional Fumigation Services Performed By Experts In The Field

The idea of needing fumigation for your building can be scary and overwhelming. However, you don't need to worry when you have Above and Beyond Pest Control on your side. Our expert service will ensure your fumigation goes off without a hitch, allowing you back into your pest-free home or business in no time. Contact us to learn more or to request your inspection.

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I would definitely recommend Above and Beyond Pest Control. They were responsive, quick to come out, and honest. Corey came to inspect a possible bed bug issue. Turns out he did not detect any signs of bed bugs which was a huge relief. He was very knowledgeable and gave us possible explanations for the issues we were having and recommendations on what to do. I would call them again in the future.

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