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Fort Pierce South, FL Pest Control

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Effective Pest Solutions In Fort Pierce South, FL

Many residents of Fort Pierce South, FL, enjoy the lifestyle balance between the big city and rural setting our city offers, and not all of those residents are people! Pests of all kinds also enjoy the year-round temperate climate as well as the mix of populated areas and natural spaces. At Above and Beyond Pest Control, we offer free inspections and guaranteed services to help you stay protected against pests of all shapes and sizes.

Residential Pest Control In Fort Pierce South, FL

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If you are looking for help with pest control in Fort Pierce South, FL, look no further than Above and Beyond Pest Control. With so many invading pests living year-round in Florida, homeowners need to be vigilant about nuisance pests as well as those that cause structural damage or spread harmful pathogens and illness.

Our preventive residential pest treatments and follow-up services include traditional pest control offerings, as well as:

Give us a call today to discuss options or get answers to questions about how to best protect your family and yourself from Florida pests with help from Above and Beyond Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control In Fort Pierce South, FL

It's not only homes that need protection from pests in Fort Pierce South; businesses are forever subject to an onslaught of pest invasions. At Above and Beyond Pest Control, we offer 30 years of experience and unparalleled pest protection. We know that with different industries, facilities, environments, and needs, each business needs its own customized plan.

Our commercial pest control services start with an inspection for active infestations and conducive conditions. Depending on what we find, we develop a unique plan of action to address current threats and deter future issues. We also follow up on a monthly basis to ensure your business remains free of pests.

Whether you run a construction business, dentist office, farm, church, or any other kind of business, we can customize a plan that meets your specific needs now and into the future. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods that combine a non-chemical approach with minimal pesticide use for the health and safety of you, your employees, customers, and the environment. Call today for a free inspection and find out just how affordable our services can be.

Four Weed Control Tips For Property Owners In Fort Pierce South

When it comes to weeds, it's important to know what you’re looking at. Different weeds need different treatments; while some issues might be solved with a single day's work, many require ongoing treatment. Some respond to being pulled out or mowed down while others require spray-on treatments.

The top four ways to prevent or eliminate weeds on your property are as follows:

  1. Healthy turf: Having a dense, healthy layer of turf minimizes the space available for weeds to begin to grow. Investing in a healthy lawn both reduces the cost of weed control and keeps your property looking fresh.
  2. Mowing and pulling: Keeping laws mowed to the optimum height reduces the chances that weeds will have a chance to spread their seeds. When only a few weeds are present, it’s generally most efficient to hand-pull the offending plants. When doing so, make sure to remove all of the roots and underground growth so that the weeds do not simply regrow.
  3. Smothering: In areas where turf is not being grown, smothering is the ideal solution for weed prevention. Materials used for smothering include rocks, mulch, or even plastic film. Ideally, this covering will be a minimum of two inches thick when using natural materials. Synthetic mats with herbicide are also an option but should be used with care so that they do not inadvertently impact desirable plant roots.
  4. Herbicides: The use of chemical herbicides is a safe and functional way to control weeds as long as the product label instructions are followed closely. However, the timing of this application in the plant’s growing cycle is very important.

Keeping a healthy lawn is a big job for the average homeowner. These four simple steps represent a lot of hours and effort in a job that’s really never done. For lawn care that works for you, call us at Above and Beyond Pest Control and ask about our Lawn and Ornamental Care program.

How Did These Spiders Get Into My Fort Pierce South Home?

Spiders are not a welcome guest in any home, and yet there always seem to be a few that slip in through the cracks, which is strange if you think about it. Spiders are outdoor animals. They don’t eat our food or seek shelter in our homes. The only reason spiders enter homes is in search of insect prey or a mate.

Spiders enter homes the exact same way their prey does: they slip in through cracks in foundations, gaps around doors and windows, through torn screens or open doors. To find out more about the spiders in your home, or how to eliminate both spiders and their pest prey, give us a call at Above and Beyond Pest Control.

Answering Fort Pierce South's Most Commonly Asked Mosquito Questions

There are plenty of mosquitoes in Fort Pierce South, and they're a problem for a large part of the year. Because of that, it's likely you have questions about these biting pests. You may find the answers you're looking for below.

How long do mosquitoes live?

You're probably most interested in knowing how long female mosquitoes live since they're the ones that bite. Most female mosquitoes live anywhere from 40-55 days. However, the length of time they live is far less important than how much they reproduce within that time. While it varies from species to species, on average female mosquitoes will lay about 100 eggs at a time up to three times. That means that for every adult female mosquito, there is the possibility of 300 new mosquitoes (male and female) taking her place. 

What attracts mosquitoes to humans?

The main thing that attracts mosquitoes to humans is the carbon dioxide you emit as you breathe. Unfortunately, there's not a lot you can do to avoid that, unless you're really good at holding your breath, but there are other things you can do to try to avoid attracting mosquitoes.

Studies have found that mosquitoes are attracted to dark-colored clothing, perspiration, and body heat. They also seem to be more attracted to people who have been drinking alcohol and women who are pregnant. 

How can I keep mosquitoes away?

Keeping mosquitoes off your property entirely isn't possible, but there are things you can do to reduce their population. Get rid of mosquitoes by eliminating areas of standing water around your yard so that they have fewer places to breed. Cut back foliage, not only to reduce shaded areas where moisture can develop, but also to eliminate the areas where adult mosquitoes rest. Finally, get mosquito control services in Fort Pierce South from Above and Beyond Pest Control. We can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes on your Fort Pierce South property.

Get True Termite Control For Your Fort Pierce South Home

Termites are an issue in Fort Pierce South. Our climate lends itself to year-round termite activity, and if your home isn't protected, it's only a matter of time before termites get inside and start damaging your house. To protect your house from termites and the damage they cause, you need true termite control. Do-it-yourself termite treatment methods may be tempting to try, but they rarely work.

For termite control near you that will protect your Fort Pierce South home 24/7, you need Above and Beyond Pest Control. We offer advanced termite control methods performed by termite specialists that will protect your house from termites of all species.

Secret To Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Fort Pierce South Home

No one wants rodents getting into their home. Most people are well aware of how destructive they are and the health problems they can cause, so avoiding a rodent infestation is a smart goal to have. However, wanting to keep rodents out of your Fort Pierce South home and being able to do so are two different things. It's not always as easy as it seems to stop a rodent infestation.

The secret to keeping rodents out of your Fort Pierce South home is to actively address the things that might attract them to your home. This includes:

  • Eliminating outdoor food and water sources.
  • Keeping your yard clean by cutting the grass, removing debris, and trimming back hedges and foliage.
  • Removing potential harborage areas, such as wood piles or stone walls.
  • Sealing all potential entry points into your house, including cracks, gaps, and holes.
  • Keeping food stored in airtight containers inside your house. 
  • Removing as much clutter inside your house as possible.

If you still end up with rodents in your house, you can get rid of rodents with the help of Above and Beyond Pest Control. Our rodent control services will fully eliminate your rodent problem and provide the services you need to make sure it doesn't return. Don't waste time on DIY rodent control that doesn't take care of the problem. Contact Above and Beyond Pest Control.

Why Are There Bugs In The Cupboards Of My Fort Pierce South Home?

When you live in Florida, you can expect pests to be a year-round problem. There are many different species of bugs that can find their way inside your Fort Pierce South home and into your cupboards. Ants, cockroaches, and pantry pests are all common pests that tend to stick to the areas of your home that provide a steady food source.

Some bugs, like ants and roaches, come into your house from outside. They may be foraging for food, avoiding weather they don't like, or looking for a suitable place to live. Other bugs, like panty pests, are brought into your house in boxes, bags, groceries, or other items. Once inside, they make themselves at home in your pantry and cupboards.

If you've been finding bugs in your cupboards, Above and Beyond Pest Control offers ant, cockroach, and pantry pest control, as well as pest control for many other types of pests. Contact us to request your free inspection.

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