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Do I Need A Professional To Get Rid of Bed Bugs In Lake Worth?

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Bed bugs are annoying pests. If it was easy to get rid of them, there would be no bed bugs left in the world. They would be extinct. If you're thinking about trying to tackle a bed bug problem, there are a few important facts to consider. Let's take a quick look at them.

How Hard Is It To Kill A Bed Bug?

If you have a bed bug in a container, you can kill it with a long list of things, including a spray of vinegar and water. Vinegar acts as a desiccant and is able to kill a bed bug by dehydrating it. Unfortunately, bed bugs don't make it easy for you to spray them with anything. These insects have a preference for tight spaces and dark voids. You can have dozens of bed bugs in your bed and not be able to find a single bug even if you tear the bed apart.

Do Over-The-Counter Products Work?

There are many products that promise to exterminate bed bugs. As we've already pointed out, it is difficult to spray bed bugs, but this isn't the only challenge with OTC products. When products are applied to surfaces, bed bugs will avoid the treated areas. So, even if a product promises to offer long-lasting, residual control for bed bugs, they often don't. Bed bugs just go around the treated areas.

If a bed bug comes in contact with a toxic chemical, a nymph has the ability to shed its skin and develop a new skin that is more tolerant to the chemical agent. These can make the bed bugs in your home much more difficult to control. It is best to have a licensed pest control technician select appropriate products and administer them in a way that can be monitored and evaluated. 

Do Traps Stop Bed Bugs?

If you put traps at the base of your bed legs, you can capture some bed bugs. You may even think you've solved your problem when bed bugs stop appearing in the traps. But here are a few factors to consider:

  • While bed bugs feed in groups, all of the bed bugs don't come out of hiding at once. So, eliminating a few is not likely to arrest an infestation.
  • When bed bugs don't return from feeding, it can cause the other bed bugs to go into a state of diapause. A bed bug can live 20 to 400 days without eating.
  • If you have bed bugs living inside your frame, box spring, or mattress seams, you're not going to stop them with traps.

Do Essential Oils Work Against Bed Bugs?

There are many natural odors that bed bugs prefer to avoid. If you apply lavender or peppermint to your bed, you could keep bed bugs away for a short period of time or possibly drive bed bugs out of your bed. But don't think for a second that you will drive them out of your home. Bed bugs don't live outside. They will get used to the smell and continue to torment you with bites. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Bed bugs don't just require blood for sustenance, they need it for reproduction. They are highly motivated to get a blood meal.
  • Natural odors diminish over a short period of time. You can spray your bed in the evening and that scent can wear out before morning.
  • Bed bugs can feed on you when you're not sleeping. If bed bugs can't deal with the scent of your bed, they'll get into your couch or some other piece of furniture. If you spray these furniture items as well, bed bugs can get under the edge of a carpet and crawl across the floor to feed on your ankles while you're working on your computer or watching television. They'll find a way.

Professional Bed Bug Control

It is difficult to get control of bed bugs. When Lake Worth residents attempt to do so, they often find themselves mystified by these insects. The examples we've given in this article are only a few of the many reasons why DIY bed bug treatments fall short. If you've found these bugs in your home, it is best to immediately contact a pest professional. At Above and Beyond Pest Control, we help Lake Worth residents get rid of bed bugs and take steps to reduce the potential for a future infestation.

If you need assistance, connect with us and schedule a service visit for your Lake Worth home or business. We'll guide you toward the right solution for your specific needs and budget. You don't have to let bed bugs bite. Get control of these irritating pests by reaching out to us today.  

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