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Amazing beaches, scenic golf courses, and local festivals are only some of the activities people enjoy in Lake Worth, Florida. Some would call Lake Worth a pleasure paradise with its hot, humid, and sunny days. The only thing that could damper your outdoor experience is the local mosquito population. Without expert pest control in Lake Worth, mosquitoes can make a pleasure paradise into a nightmare.

The Lifecycle Of The Lake Worth Mosquito

How does a tiny mosquito get the reputation of being one of the most dangerous insects globally? The metamorphosis that produces this aggressive insect takes four stages.

Four stages of mosquito (Aedes) development include:

  1. Egg – Any container with a bit of water allows female mosquitoes to lay eggs just above the waterline. Eggs are hardy (surviving up to eight months).

  2. Larva – When water gets added to a container and covers the eggs, larvae will begin to appear. It will grow by feeding off of microorganisms (bacteria) in the water.

  3. Pupa – This is where the mosquitoes’ body continues to develop until it sheds its skin and is ready to leave the water.

  4. Adult – The fully formed mosquito begins adult life. The male gathers nectar from flowers; females feed off animals and people for the blood they need to produce eggs.

The mosquitoes’ breeding system is a cycle that keeps producing the nasty critters that drive us crazy yearly. As if biting people wasn’t enough, mosquitoes also transmit disease.

Mosquitoes And Disease

People are familiar with the raised bumps and itching associated with a mosquito bite, but most people forget that they can also transmit diseases. The World Health Organization estimates that mosquitoes are responsible for over one million deaths yearly.

Five diseases associated with mosquitoes include:

  1. Yellow Fever

  2. Dengue

  3. Chikungunya

  4. Encephalitis

  5. Tularemia 

Other diseases carried by mosquitoes like Zika and malaria are not common in the United States, but people visiting other countries can bring them home. Pest professionals like Above and Beyond Pest Control can help protect your yard by establishing a barrier between you and the mosquitoes.

Ten Natural Mosquito Repellants: What Works And What Doesn’t

When mosquitoes are on the prowl, protection is vital. Many popular suggestions for repelling mosquitoes are unproven, but there are several ways to repel mosquitoes.

Ten natural ways to repel mosquitoes include:

  1. Citronella candles – not proven to work.

  2. Vitamin B1 skin patches – not proven to work.

  3. Wristbands/bracelets – not proven to work.

  4. Clip-on fans – not proven to work.

  5. Essential oils - not proven to work.

  6. Oil of lemon eucalyptus - only oil recommended by the CDC.

  7. Clothing - long baggy pants (not spandex), long sleeves, and no sandals.

  8. Wind (mosquitoes can’t land on windy days).

  9. Colors (light colors are less attractive).

  10. Limit physical activity (mosquitoes are attracted to excess carbon dioxide).

Scientists continue to research more ways to protect people naturally. While this research continues, property owners can do much to deter mosquitoes by inspecting their yards.

Natural Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yard

When mosquitoes use your yard as a breeding ground, your troubles grow exponentially. Just a few simple fixes around your yards can make all the difference.

Four natural fixes for your backyard include:

  1. Eliminating standing water

  2. Keeping grass cut short and foliage trimmed

  3. Removing deaf debris

  4. Cleaning gutters

Keeping mosquitoes out of your yard is challenging. The best way to combat these pesky critters is by partnering with Above and Beyond Pest Control. We use Integrated Pest Management techniques that help remove mosquitoes from your property safely and effectively. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your backyard activities; call Above and Beyond Pest Control today to keep mosquitoes away.