The Do's And Don'ts Of Ant Control: An Extensive Guide For Lake Worth Homeowners

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Ants with a Leaf

There are many types of ants, and all of them are experts at getting into houses. 

If an ant enters your house and sees what it likes, it will promptly make its way back to its nest while leaving a pheromone trail behind. Later, the other ants can use the trail to find their way directly to your home; this is why ant infestations can seemingly come out of nowhere and get big fast. Also, seeing even one ant in your home can be cause for concern because it will dutifully notify every other ant in its colony that your house is a great place to start a new ant colony.  

Ant infestations may start small, but they get large fast and can be highly difficult to control. Thankfully, ant control in Lake Worth doesn’t have to be complicated. All it takes is a call to Above and Beyond Pest Control. With over 30 years of pest control experience, we’ve seen every type of pest infestation - and successfully treated it.

Do Know The Warning Signs Of An Ant Infestation

 Ant pest control works best with early identification. Early identification of ant infestations makes it possible to treat them before they grow large and challenging to control. Here are some ways to tell if ants have made their way into your home:

  • Ants in your pantry: Ants are constantly on the hunt for three things - food, water, and shelter making your food pantry attractive to them. 
  • Ants on your counters: Dirty counters look like buffets to hungry ants. Seeing ants on your counter is a definite sign you have ant problems.
  • Lines of ants: Lines of ants anywhere in your home mean ants are active and interested in your property. 
  • Ants coming out of walls: If you see ants coming out of light switches, wall plates, or any other wall fixture, it likely indicates ants are active behind your walls.

If you identify ants, find our number and get in touch with us. We can help you eliminate the infestation and then keep ants away. 

Don't: Underestimate The Risks Of An Ant Infestation

Ant infestations may just seem like a nuisance. In reality, however, ants can cause a lot of problems in your home. Ants can get into almost any food container and will contaminate any food they can reach, making it unfit for human consumption. Ants often infest things like electronics, which can cause expensive electrical shorts. Some ants are venomous and can attack in swarms; individuals who have been stung multiple times can require hospitalization. Carpenter ants can cause extensive damage to your home’s structure, given that they bore through wood to make their homes. Finally, susceptible individuals can have severe allergic reactions to ant bites. 

Above and Beyond Pest Control professionals understand the risks associated with ant infestations, and we know how to get rid of ants. If ants have paid you a surprise visit, contact us, and let us help you get rid of them.

Do Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Ants

Ant infestations can grow large fast, and ants prefer to build their colonies in out-of-the-way, hard-to-reach places; this can make identifying ant infestations challenging and nearly impossible to eliminate using ineffective DIY home pest control methods. To make matters worse, some colonies boast more than one queen and thousands of individuals. Ants can also position several colonies in close proximity, meaning you can try repeatedly without success. 

Professional ant pest control services are the most effective way to address ant infestations. That’s where Above and Beyond Pest Control comes in. Contact us today, and let us help eliminate ant infestations.

Don't Forget These Ant Prevention Tips

Here are some ways to help decrease your chances of encountering ant infestations in your home:

  • Garbage: Ants are highly attracted to exposed garbage. Tightly sealing garbage can help eliminate ant infestations.

  • Clutter: Ants are attracted to clutter and love to nest in it. Removing clutter from your yard and property can help eliminate housing opportunities for ants.

  • Home: Ants will exploit openings in your home to come inside and investigate. Tightly sealing your home can help decrease their ability to get inside.

These tips can help decrease your chances of dealing with ant infestations. If they still come, however, ant control in your house can be as easy as calling Above and Beyond Pest Control. Call us today for effective pest control, including ants.